Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Our Nutrition Program

    • Training Principles

  • 2

    Training 101

    • An Introduction to Exercise Science

    • Planning an Exercise Program

    • Resistance Training Principles

    • Cardio Training Principles

    • The Recovery Process

    • Plyometrics and Other Training Techniques

    • Becoming a Skilled Lifter

Bonus inclusions

These are some extras when you sign up with us!

  • Access to Naomi

    As a member of our community, you gain access to Naomi via our private education forums, our private Facebook group and our private educational webinars.

  • Trainining Calculations

    Sign up to our monthly training program to get access to our mini exercise education series and assistance with calculating your exercise heart rates and exercise intensities.

  • Program Selections

    Choose from a number of different exercise programs each month. We cater to home and gym-based programs and offer new HIIT, cardio and weight training programs each month.

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