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    Week 1

    • Welcome to Week 1

    • Wk1: An Introduction to Women's Physiology

    • PowerPoint Presentation Week 1

    • Female Reproductive Physiology

    • Quiz: Week 1

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    Week 2

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    • Wk2: Training Considerations

    • Strong Women Week 2 Presentation

    • Training Recommendations

    • Quiz: Week 2

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    Week 3

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    • Wk3: Nutritional Considerations

    • Strong Women Week 3 Presentation

    • The Women's Book by Lyle McDonald

    • Quiz: Week 3

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    Week 4

    • Welcome to Week 4

    • Wk4: Cycle Considerations and Supplementation

    • AIS Supplement Framework

    • Quiz: Week 4

    • Strong Women Week 4 Presentation

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This short course is designed to increase your knowledge around the female menstrual cycle and its ability to influence training capacity and body composition.

  • the key differences between men and women

  • the importance of the menstrual cycle

  • the key hormonal players in the menstrual cycle and how these hormones impact training capacity and body composition

  • dietary strategies to maximise the menstrual cycle

  • nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids to improve training and body composition throughout the menstrual cycle

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