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If you're after a no-nonsense, fad-free, science backed food and exercise program, then this is for you! Naomi draws on all her knowledge from helping thousands of people improve their lifestyle in addition to almost a decade of university study and 22 years of industry experience. For 8 weeks Naomi will help improve your nutrition and exercise science literacy, so that you can spot fads, quacks and nutritional silliness and not be suckered into the trillion dollar diet industry. This program is designed to set you up for life so that you don't have to do another program ever again. Join us live on Thursday September 29th at 7pm (QLD time) for full program details and a live Q&A with Naomi. There will also be 5 discounted early bird places up for grabs (first in best dressed). We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Lead Lecturer

Lead Lecturer

Naomi Ferstera

Naomi is PhD candidate with over 20 years industry experience. She is an accredited exercise physiologist and exercise scientist, nutritionist and former high school teacher. Naomi specialises in brain health and dementia, weight loss and obesity, women's health, diabetes and heart disease.

Naomi has trained and consulted with thousands of people over her 2 decades in the industry. She has helped countless people successfully lose weight and switch to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Her passion, however, lies in education and she draws on all her experience and knowledge, to bring you the most scientifically up to date and relevant online programs. We promise to always produce fad and gimmick-free programs that are simple to follow and understand. Good health was never meant to be complicated and we want to show you how you can easily change your life!

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Food Glorious Food

  • 3

    I like to move it, move it!!

  • 4

    Onboarding and Key Documents

    • Onboarding

    • Things you need

    • Calculation Spreadsheet

    • Tracking Spreadsheet

    • Chat

    • The Daily Work

    • Weekly Check In

  • 5

    Week 1

    • LIVE Check In

    • How We Lose Weight

    • PP - How We Lose Weight

    • Research PDFs and Key Takeaways

    • Week 1 Quiz

    • Weekly Check In

  • 6

    Week 2

    • LIVE Check In

    • Panel Discussion

    • Weekly Check In

  • 7

    Week 3

    • LIVE Check In

    • Live Lesson 2: Long Term Weight Loss Success

    • Perspectives into the experience of successful, substantial long-term weight-loss maintenance: a systematic review

    • Week 3 Quiz

    • Weekly Check In

  • 8

    Week 4

    • LIVE Check In

    • Weekly Check In

    • Diet culture, fads and quackery

  • 9

    Week 5

  • 10

    Week 6

    • LIVE Check In

    • Women are not small men!

    • Weekly Check In

  • 11

    Week 7

    • LIVE Check In

    • Choose Your Hard

    • Weekly Check In

  • 12

    Week 8

    • LIVE Check In

    • Save Yourself - No One Else is Coming

    • Survey - Save Yourself No One Else is Coming

    • Weekly Check In

  • 13

    What Now?

    • What Now?

  • 14

    Thank you!

    • Can you provide a testimonial for us?

    • How did we go?

    • Blank Menu Planner

    • Template Tracking Sheet

    • What Next Plan

Not Another Weight Loss Program

Key Dates

  • Onboarding

    Onboarding for the program is Friday 22nd July via Zoom. The session is recorded so if you can't make it, you can watch the session at any time that suits you! However, we do strongly encourage everyone to try to attend this session so that you can have all your questions answered live.

  • Start Date

    Our next program starts on the 25th July. You will get access to all the Week 1 materials the Friday before we begin. In the days prior to starting, we recommend that if you're counting calories/macros, that you watch the lectures in our Calorie and Macro program so that you can do your own calculations (and have them checked) before you start. The Calorie and Macro Program is FREE when you sign up to Not Another Weight Loss Program.

  • Program Duration

    Our program runs for 8 weeks however we recommend you consider doing the program more than once. We offer 50% off subsequent programs if you pay up front!

Get Started Now!

Make 2022 your healthiest ever, with a no-nonsense, fad-free, gimmick-free, sustainable lifestyle change!

Program Inclusions

  • Live Check Ins

    We offer fortnightly LIVE check-ins with Naomi or one of our other coaches, where we will discuss the associated educational video, make calorie and macro recommendations to people who have questions about their tracking spreadsheets and answer any questions relating to the program. These live sessions are recorded for those that can't make the times.

  • Education Series

    In our online education series, Naomi will take you through important information relating to long-term weight loss success, important health and fitness research, and simple strategies to implement into your daily life. All of our learning materials are downloadable and yours to keep forever.

  • Menus and Recipes

    This program includes our very own recipe PDF, full of quick and easy recipes Naomi uses on a day to day basis. We also provide you with some suggested weekly menus and your own templates to make your own. Want some good news? Dessert, alcohol, pizza and all the things you love are included! We are an evidenced-based program which means no silly food lists or food rules! Just deliciously good times!

  • Exercise Programs

    Our program includes gym and home-based resistance exercise, the research-based 4 x 4 protocol and some general activity targets (also based on the latest in exercise science). We have 2 x monthly weight training, low-high intensity cardio and a research-based HITT program. We have you covered!

  • Downloadable Materials

    All our materials are downloadable and can be kept forever! We recommend setting up a folder on your computer so that you can keep all your resources in one convenient location.

  • Live Support

    We offer live support during our live sessions and in our private Facebook group. We also offer support via our community chat area and via email. We also have a dedicated FAQ section to help you succeed.

Weekly Direct Debit Option

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